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Mark Sproston was born and raised in Stafford, Staffordshire in 1969.

It was a spell in the mid eighties having left school and working in a salon that started a passion that he would revisit 12 years later.

Having tasted success in the corporate world he decided he would set up ‘MENSGROOM’ an online web store dedicated to men’s skin care and shave care needs in 2004.

The store became one of the most popular men’s grooming websites and still not content decided to take the business to the people and so started to exhibit and promote the business at Hair, Health and Beauty shows across the UK.

It was a specific show, ‘The UK Spa Show’ in London back in 2006 that changed the direction of the business and Mark’s career.

“It wasn’t all about selling product we wanted to actually shave men visiting our stands so that they could experience the shave done professionally with the products”.

Mark then started to get interest from Spa and Salon owners wanting him to train their staff in the art of the ‘Traditional Wet Shave’ so he did some extensive research and found that there was a huge gap and new demand in the market place and so he set up a ‘Shaving School’ where he would go on to train hundred’s of hair and beauty professionals and non professionals from across the UK and Europe to this present day.

Having worked with some of the big names in the men’s shaving and skincare industry Mark’s reputation earned him the nickname of the ‘Shave Doc’ and so in 2008 rebranded and called his business ‘The Shavedoctor’ which Mark is now known.

In 2010 he launched his first range of professional shaving products after 4 years of intensive research and are now stocked in many salons, spas and barber shops across the UK and Europe.

His knowledge, area of expertise and credibility is now in demand from industry publications and is a regular contributor to ‘Men’s Magazine’s, National Newspapers and demonstrates his skills at International Hair and Beauty shows , ‘Clothes Show Live’ and top Music concerts and festival’s. He is also in demand from TV and Radio lifestyle shows as a leading ‘grooming expert’.
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Showing 1 - 4 of 4 items